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Fast Facts

  • National Title and Abstract Company was established through the acquisition of certain assets from the historic Florida-based National Title Insurance Company in 2009.
  • The company has a legacy of over 80 years, carrying forward the tradition of the National Title family of companies.
  • National Title and Abstract Company is renowned for providing high-quality title services to clients not only from Florida but also from across the nation and around the globe.
  • The company boasts a team of courteous, professional staff with years of experience in the field, ensuring top-notch service to their customers.

In-depth review of National Title and Abstract Company

National Title and Abstract Company, a respected and independent organization, stands as a paragon of quality in the field of Title Examination and Title Searching. Their steadfast dedication to meeting customer needs has earned them a reputation for providing unmatched service and products to residents of Florida and people worldwide.

Founded in 2009, National Title and Abstract Company was born from the remnants of the former National Title Insurance Company, taking over select assets and injecting fresh vitality into the industry. They specialize in offering comprehensive title services to a wide range of clients, including property owners, lenders, buyers, sellers, and various other parties involved in the complex world of real estate transactions.

The extensive experience that National Title and Abstract Company brings to the table is noteworthy. With over 80 years of combined experience, their professional team has a deep understanding of the subtleties and complexities of the industry. This depth of knowledge ensures that customers receive the highest level of precision and accuracy in their title services.

Located in the bustling city of Miami, Florida, National Title and Abstract Company is a clear demonstration of their steadfast dedication to quality. Their physical location serves as a central hub for their operations, enabling them to meet the needs of their valued customers with maximum efficiency and convenience.

Customers who choose the services of National Title and Abstract Company can be confident that they are in good hands. The company's independent, authorized, and approved status provides assurance of their ability to navigate the complex legal terrain of title examination and searching. This, along with their commitment to delivering exceptional service and products, makes them a strong choice for individuals and institutions alike.

In summary, National Title and Abstract Company is a powerful player in the field of title services. Their rich history, professional team, and dedication to customer satisfaction make them an attractive choice for those involved in real estate transactions. Whether you are in sunny Florida or a distant corner of the world, National Title and Abstract Company is ready to provide a smooth and reliable experience.

Products and Services

  • Title Examination and Title Searching: National Title and Abstract Company offers comprehensive title examination and searching services. Their team of professionals conducts thorough searches to uncover any possible issues with the title of a property, ensuring a smooth transaction process for their clients.
  • Title Insurance: The company provides title insurance to protect property owners and lenders from potential losses due to defects in the title of a property. This service offers an extra layer of protection for their clients' real estate investments.
  • Real Estate Closing Services: National Title and Abstract Company handles all aspects of the closing process in real estate transactions. Their team ensures that all necessary documents are prepared and signed, funds are transferred, and the title is transferred to the new owner.
  • Consultation Services: The company offers consultation services to help clients understand the complexities of the real estate transaction process. Their team provides expert advice and guidance, helping clients make informed decisions.

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