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Fast Facts

  • Kensington Vanguard, under the leadership of Glenn Asher, has grown to become the nation's largest privately held title company.
  • With a strong track record, the company has successfully closed over 30,000 transactions.
  • Glenn Asher, as the EVP of Business Development, has been a driving force behind Kensington Vanguard's success since 2003.
  • The company boasts an illustrious 16-year career, marking its presence as an industry leader.

In-depth review of Kensington Vanguard (Ask the Title Guy)

Kensington Vanguard National Land Services, under the guidance of the seasoned Glenn Asher, has made a significant impact in the real estate industry since its establishment in 2003. The company's recent growth into South Florida further cements its position in the market. Kensington Vanguard offers a variety of title services and is renowned for its exceptional customer service, which has earned them a dedicated customer base.

The Kensington Vanguard team is comprised of professionals who are experts in their fields. From executive assistants to transaction coordinators, each team member plays a vital role in ensuring operations run smoothly. A post-closing manager supervises the final stages of transactions, providing clients with the assurance that their needs will be handled with the utmost care and meticulous attention to detail.

Kensington Vanguard has an extensive track record, evident in their successful closure of over 30,000 transactions in their 16-year history. This remarkable accomplishment demonstrates their expertise and dependability in navigating the intricate real estate market.

The company's dedication to innovation is clear in their ATTG App, which offers users a user-friendly platform to access information and connect with developers. Kensington Vanguard has also joined forces with Land Services, broadening their reach and resources in the industry.

The "State of the Market—ing!" page on their website showcases Kensington Vanguard's commitment to staying current with marketing strategies. This dedication to adaptability and forward-thinking ensures that clients receive the most effective and up-to-date services.

In terms of media coverage, Ask The Title Guy, a media platform managed by VUP Media, conducts interviews with Kensington Vanguard employees. These interviews provide valuable insights into the company's culture and the expertise of its team members, such as Alondra, Daniel, and Daniela.

In conclusion, Kensington Vanguard National Land Services, under the guidance of Glenn Asher, has proven itself as a reliable and customer-centric company in the real estate industry. With their growth into South Florida and a team of devoted professionals, they have demonstrated their ability to manage a wide range of transactions with accuracy and care. Whether you are a buyer, seller, or industry professional, Kensington Vanguard's experience, dedication to innovation, and focus on customer service make them a top choice for your title service needs.

Products and Services

  • Title Insurance: Kensington Vanguard provides comprehensive title insurance services, protecting buyers and lenders from potential ownership disputes or losses due to defects in the title.
  • Real Estate Closing Services: The company manages the closing process of real estate transactions, ensuring all requirements are met smoothly and efficiently.
  • Title Search: Kensington Vanguard conducts meticulous title searches to verify the legal status of a property and identify any potential issues or liens before a transaction takes place.
  • ATTG App: An innovative platform developed by Kensington Vanguard that provides users with easy access to information and connects them with developers.

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